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What are your exposures for each department? The Profit|Optimizer helps you risk rate all business functions.  Determine capital requirements to address risk mitigation initiatives and expected ROI from these business initiatives.  The Profit|Optimizer helps you make the right choice!

Dashboards offer business managers a complete visual overview of company weaknesses, strengths, threats, opportunities and business initiatives required to maintain profitability and growth.  It is an excellent tool to monitor progress of departmental initiatives.

Bankers, shareholders, equity providers and regulators welcome the added transparency and the ability to demonstrate a formalized risk management program.

Managers answer questions to score risk vulnerabilities and outline initiatives and capital requirements to capture opportunities that maintain competitive advantages and profitability.

Are managers aware of  departmental vulnerabilities?

Understanding and managing critical success factors are important ingredients of  business success.  Shareholders and credit providers focus on a company's ability to understand and manage critical business drivers. 

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